Oz Avni
Reuma Schechner

Partner Architect


Tel: +972-524-868800

Partner Architect


Tel: +972-528-418447


In the Haifa city, was born first collaboration of a pair of architects that in love with life and inspired from all around them: travel, people, beach, music, simplicity, convenience and of course design.

The studio was created from the friendship and the life journey partnership of Oz and Reuma together who share the same creative pleasure and passion for life.

The humble beginning was of interior design and furniture design for family and friends. The demand and popularity rose quickly, and shortly afterwards the brand received a life of its own and then developed into a villas architectural Planning that fit contemporary lifestyles.

Today, we seeks to combine social responsibility and sustainability with innovative design transcends borders, and undermines the perception of "what is home" and "how it should be built".

Strict planning is done at the advanced design methods and high-quality construction combines natural materials like wood and stone with more advanced materials such as metals and glass.